Global Marketing

Celebrations! is a recognized global tourism marketing and representation company. Powered by a team of seasoned and dedicated professionals, Celebrations! takes pride in the passionate pursuit of success and measurable results for its clients. Celebrations! was launched in 1999 in the United States. Since then the organization has grown global by establishing its presence in key markets: USA, UK, Germany, India and China. Our business model is unique where we have created and mastered the art of “expertise exchange”™. The company specializes in marketing tourism and hospitality industries around the world.

Celebrations! has carved a niche for providing marketing consultancy and representation to tourism boards around the world. With main offices in USA and India, we have regional managers in UK, China, Germany and Dubai to customize the needs of our clients. The team at Celebrations! is a collective wealth of knowledge, skills, resources, networking and all the necessary connections to ensure sustainable growth of its clients. The scope with Celebrations! is endless.Perhaps the biggest advantage for any tourism ministry to entrust Celebrations! with the responsibility of developing tourism is the compound benefit derived from its global operation and expertise in sustainable marketing of responsible tourism. An association with Celebrations! stretchesbeyond our activities in worldwide markets where our team of dedicated professionals identify the right mix between the product and the customers.